Need to cancel your Auto Insurance?

  How to cancel your Auto Insurance Policy?  

  First you need to make sure you have a new option in line or already got a new Auto insurance policy. Many companies will penalize you when you have a lapse of insurance coverage and will not be able to get all the available discounts. 
 After having everything set up with the new insurance company, the easiest way to cancel is to call your current insurance agent. In many occasions this strategy does not work because they may ask you to send them a written letter if you are not in town. 
It is understandable because they want to make sure it is you the person that wants to make the change and not some other person that has the intention of hurting you. 
 If a written letter is required you could send an e-mail to your Agent specifying the following information: 
 Your Name and Address, 
Policy Number, 
Specific effective cancellation date and if available, the Proof of the new insurance for the effect of returning unused moneys that you could have had paid the insurance company. 
 Always make sure to get a confirmation of the cancellation to prevent future charges to your Bank account in case it was set up EFT. Remember that if you only cancelling because of the rate, take a second look at the coverages and balance what is more valuable for you and your family. You can get a comparison of coverages and rates in Texas
It's important to note that cancelling your auto insurance policy can have consequences such as a lapse in coverage and potentially higher rates in the future. Consider your options carefully and speak with your insurer or insurance agent if you have any questions or concerns.